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Great News! We have turned our graphics store into a Viral Mailer too!
You can now earn commissions from both graphics and viral mailer sales!

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Below are a few sites that we are running. Feel free to join each of our programs & get results!

Cash Mate Mailer is an advertising site that offers Free Viral Button advertising with Cash Bonus Program! Free because your button ads won't need impressions to display forever. It is Viral because your ads are shown in 3 referral pages, your own, all your downline referral pages and your partner's referral page! It is income-generating, offers up 50% commission & extra cash bonus from Cashmate program for those who will stay active! We have received a lot of compliments to this unique program!
Income Focus is a Traffic Exchange website that is rich with advertising features that would maximize your ad exposure. It is also offering Cash Tokens to active members. Your credits can be turned into cash tokens as long as you stay active!
Enchanted Mails is my HOTTEST website! It is a fabulous VIRAL MAILER using LFMVM script with unique site features like Self-Branding Latest Ads and Immortal Banners. Find Out why it is one of the BEST & FAVORITED viral mailer by online marketers! Earn up to 70% Commission. Upgrade for as low as $12 ONE TIME FEE for a Lifetime of Benefits!
Lil Teddy Mailer is a adorable and cute little viral mailer. It offers up to 60% commissions and also have some great advertising features! Upgrade for as low as $5.00 Lifetime :) with monthly credits for advertising!
One of my oldest website and still standing. Home of the DDSuperNetworks and SuperBanner Network. AdXChains is a modified SuperJV Text Ad Exchange. Send an email to multiple interconnected sites in just one click! Show you banner to multiple sites by setting up your SuperBanner Ad!

go to www.ddsupernetworks.com